A loose vagina sounds a lot more lax than its actual impact on any woman. It results in much lower self confidence of most women, with anxiety and even depression taking place. She tends to shy away during sex, feeling quite self-conscious and constrained from doing her best in bed.


Though sex may not be what matters most in a relationship, it is highly essential towards keeping couples attracted to each other, and the sexual satisfaction leads to a generally happier relationship. Looseness brings about misery that’s capable of taking the joy out of womanhood.

Did you know that vinegar can give you back that joy and the wonderful feeling of being wanted again?

How To Use Vinegar To Tighten Your Vag Naturally


There are various treatments available nowadays, but sometimes the simplest things that are often overlooked prove to be the best.

One awesome home remedy that can be used for vaginal tightening is vinegar. It has potent anti bacterial and anti fungal properties which explains why it works in restoring your vagina’s natural pH levels.

Vinegar also causes the contraction of tissues which shrinks the vagina! Not only will you feel tighter down there, but cleaner and healthier too.

You can rest assured that it’s all-natural and a safe course to take. This ingredient that’s sitting right in your kitchen all along gives you an easy and discreet way to achieve a tight vagina, without your partner ever knowing it. Here are some ways you can apply it and feel the tightening sensation you desire…

Vinegar Bath

Vinegar has been used as a traditional way of vaginal tightening for years. Women typically added vinegar to their bath water and soaked in it for up to half an hour. You can simply bath in this diluted solution as you normally would any other type of bath.

  1. Fill the tub with warm water up to your hips.
  2. Pour 2 full cups of apple cider vinegar into the warm water.
  3. Add flower petals, candles, soothing music, or anything you like.
  4. Enjoy your bath for up to 30 minutes or more!

Natural Douche


Most women who prefer douching believe that it is hygienic, and that special care must be provided to a the delicate part of their body. Using a natural douche like vinegar solution is effective for cleansing the vaginal walls.

This works to eliminate bacterial infections or menstrual residues, and other impurities that may be causing your vagina to become weak and slacken over time. It’s important to note that this is a cure that takes to to be effective. Ritual use over a good month will provide desired results.

Here’s how to do it at home:

1. Simply mix together one cup of apple cider vinegar with three cups of water.

(Amount depends on the size of the application tool. Stick to a 1:3 part ratio for best results)

2. Fill a douche pouch or squeeze bottle with the solution. Then prepare for douching by getting into

the shower or bathtub. This will prevent a messy process and makes it very convenient to bathe immediately afterwards if you wish.

3. Rinse the vaginal cavity by inserting the tip of the douche pouch or squeeze bottle into your vagina.

Squeeze to release the fluid and continue rinsing until you have finished off the solution.

4. Next thing to do is wash the outside area with mild soap and water to wash off the remnants of the

douching solution at the exterior.

5. Clean out your bottle and everywhere else the solution may have spilled. Then store it for future use

until you finally achieve the tightness you want.

Oral Consumption

Apple Cider Vinegar can be consumed orally to help even out your vaginal pH and regain tightness. It helps heal and detoxify your entire system too.


Drink it diluted with water and honey. This is to protect your teeth from its acidic nature. It’s best to use the raw, unfiltered and organic type.

If you don’t like the taste, then have it incorporated in your diet by cooking recipes with vinegar in it for delicious meals.

It may take longer, but this is an almost effortless way of using vinegar for tightening the vagina and naturally achieve your goal. Slowly but surely, you’re on your way to a tighter, brighter, healthier and happier you!

A Faster Solution…

v-tight cream

If you are looking for something that can make your vag tighter a lot faster than vinegar be sure to check out V-Tight Gel. This is a natural cure as well that speeds up the tightening process.

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